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What are the best and most unique baby dolls for your newborn babies, toddler boys and girls?  Take a look at the Awake and Asleep Double Love Dolls from Kane Marketing LLC, a US based company located in the Midwest.

What are the Awake Asleep Double Love Dolls All About?

So, what is the Awake and Asleep Double Love Doll all about?  It's very simple and affordable for everyone to purchase.  The doll is 1 15" tall plush rag doll targeting children ages 4 months and up.  A wonderful thing about this doll is that is has 2 faces that are embroidered in pretty colors to attract the child and hence, keep him engaged in play.

The 2 embroidered faces work like this: 1 side of the doll has an "Awake" face and the other side of the doll has an "Asleep" face.  In regards to the red heart doll, the "Awake" face is Hearts Up and the "Asleep" face is Hearts Down.  This baby doll has fun hair color too!  Most importantly, this doll is machine washable and passes all required US children's safety tests.

Important To Know - Baby Dolls Kane Marketing LLC

The Awake and Asleep dolls are a US Patented children's product.  That means, our design is so unique we are the only company legally able to design, manufacture and sell this rag doll.

We currently have 2 styles available for purchase:

Both styles are $17.50 regular price.  Now, Sale $13.99

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Here's a nice review from Grandmother, Colleen:

Colleen, a grandmother of 3 says, “I bought the Double Love Doll for my granddaughter, Addison, when she was 1 ½ years old.  She instantly fell in love with the doll.  Every night she said to the doll, “nighty night” and every morning she said “wakey wake” to the doll.  She takes the doll with her every place she goes.  It’s her little best friend.  My daughter loves the doll too, because she can throw it in the washing machine and dryer and it comes out fresh and clean and ready for a new day.”

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