Awake and Asleep Dolls

Best Rag Dolls for Boy and Girl Toddlers - Awake & Asleep Double Love Dolls.

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Awake & Asleep Double Love For Kids is ONE 15" tall plush cloth doll with 2 faces.  One side is "awake" and one side is "asleep."  Best rag dolls for Boys and Girls! 

Awake and Asleep Double Love Doll is a US Patented, proprietary line of dolls that are affordable, high quality, safety tested and machine washable. The product line will provide consumers with a lovable, branded product that will stimulate a child’s imagination and encourage “play.”

We currently have 2 dolls to sell.  Polyester plush soft baby doll toy. This doll is great for boys and girls ages 4 months 1 2 3 4 years old.

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