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Rag dolls for toddlers is the product we manufacture for children. The Awake and Asleep Double Face Doll for Kids is a US Patented children’s product of Kane Marketing LLC. Kane Marketing LLC was established as a small business in 2010 and is based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Kathy Kane Fromuth and Michael J. Fromuth are the members of the company.


After the 2008 stock market decline and seeing the loss of so many jobs in the country, Kathy decided to take a “leap of faith” and start the company. “I have been in the kids business for over 18 years on both the wholesale and retail sides. I was in the buying office for a major US retailer buying children’s products for over 400+ department stores. Never did I see this product cross my desk, so I had it designed and produced. Thus, the Awake and Asleep Double Face® Doll was born.” So now, we sell rag dolls for little boy and little girl toddlers, babies and newborns.


“Double Face® Dolls pass all Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and ASTM F-963 Voluntary Toy Standards testing requirements for use by all ages of children.”



Kane Marketing is committed to the design of a sweet, cute and animated soft doll for children at an affordable price. It makes a GREAT GIFT!


All materials are safety tested and adhere to the standards in the toy industry. It’s soft to touch and machine washable.


The Double Face® Doll is unique in that it has two faces, one awake and one asleep, or for the red doll, Hearts Up (awake) Hearts Down (asleep). The doll is a great aid when getting baby to bed or when the child needs comforting anytime.

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For more information or to order one of our dolls, please go to: https://www.doublelovedoll.com/products/