Awake and Asleep Dolls

Premium Quality - Made from soft polyester fabric material is a cute cuddle buddy plush toy

US Patented Design - Double sided doll with one side Awake (Hearts Up) and other Asleep (Hearts Down)

Versatile - Snuggling and cuddling at home, baby car seat, stroller, picnic

Great Gift Idea - Perfect newborn or new mom gift for baby shower, birthday

Easy Care - Machine washable, dry in air for ease, convenience hygiene, safe

We as parents always thrive to make our kids' childhood entertaining so that they can enjoy precious moments of their life transitioning through the various phases of their growth. We know babies in early stages are very curious as they explore different forms, shapes, colors, flavors and whatever comes next. It makes it important for all of us as a community that we connect well with them by understanding their needs, feelings, keeping them happy and most importantly safe. We are glad to present " AWAKE AND ASLEEP - DOUBLE LOVE DOLLS FOR KIDS. A US PATENTED doll design, with keeping safety as a top priority. We made this doll soft, snuggleable and huggable. A plush body doll that a child can snuggle and cuddle with all day and night! Why buy AWAKE AND ASLEEP - DOUBLE LOVE DOLLS FOR KIDS? The doll is made from premium quality polyester which are soft to touch. A red plush soft body doll with red heart embroidered eyes and blue hair. Our unique US Patented design is a double sided doll - AWAKE and ASLEEP design. 1 side of the doll is Awake and the other side of the doll is Asleep. Made with safety in mind having embroidered red heart shaped eyes and pink mouth. Red Hearts UP, Awake and Red Hearts Down, Asleep. Generous 15 inch standing size and designed for easy holding by little baby hands. A soft plush snuggle doll to soothe your baby, aid in sleeping and playful fun. Ideal for Newborns age 4 Months Up, Baby Shower, First Birthday. Versatile baby toy to play at home, on the go, in the car, at the beach. And, it’s Machine Washable too! SPECIFICATIONS 15 inches Length 9 inches Width 3 inches Thick 6 - 7 ounce weight 1029